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1st May Current Affairs

1st May Current Affairs

  1. International Labour Day celebrated today throughout the world.
    Story Behind the celebration starts from 1886 in Chicago, the USA where a bomb was thrown on people gathered for a general strike for the eight-hour workday. For Peace and harmony, In 1904 International Socialist Conference, met and established an eight-hour day legally.

    In India, Chennai was the state where Labour day celebrated the first time.
  2. PM Narender Modi greeted the people of Gujarat and Maharashtra on the foundation day of two western states.
    On twitter, he extends his greetings to the people of Gujrat and Maharashtra.“Greetings to the people of Gujarat on the foundation day of the State,” he tweeted.

    In 1960, both states established as an outcome of the Bombay Reorganisation Act 1960 by the Indian Parliament. On 1 May 1960, this act came into effect that made a ground of annual celebration.
  3. FDA ordered FIR against "Snapdeal".
    Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has raided at Goregaon site of snapdeal marketplace. An FIR against the CEO, Kunal Bahl and the directors of Snapdeal are also issued on the matter of selling online drugs and prescription medicines. FDA also order to cancel the online deals from their website.

    The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, says that only a licensed retailer is allowed to sell prescription medicines only after checking the prescription given by a Doctor.
  4. China builds 57- storey Skyscraper in 19 days.
    In Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in south-central China, a developer build 57-storey building carrying 800 apartments. Regarding office space, 4,000 people can gather easily there. The building is completely secure and can stand firm in any case of natural calamity like earthquakes. Builders made it using a modular approach.

    It was earlier planned of 220 stories but it cut down to 57 as it is very near to the airport.
  5. New browser "Microsoft Edge"
    Under the Project "Spartan", Microsoft revealed "Microsoft Edge" as its new Internet Browser. This latest launched browser will be accessible in the technical preview build of the newly available Windows 10 for PCs. The name Edge has given after the new rendering engine EdgeHTML that Microsoft is setting in Windows 10 browser.

    At Build developers conference, the company announced its new browser with a complete set of details including its usage in getting and creating web content. In addition to this, Microsoft has also brought up Chrome and Firefox extensions compatible with Edge by making fewer changes.