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Discover how to polish Reasoning skills

Reasoning Skills

In competitive exams, the Reasoning test Portion is intended only to assess your presence of mind. Your ability to analyze, understand and reason out some perplexing logics that wants your full concentration. Brisk reading, analyzing given facts and puzzling out the problem by a given set of information acutely are the best ways to clear this portion of the exam.
Reasoning test is broadly classified in two categories:
  1. Verbal reasoning
  2. Non-verbal reasoning
Verbal reasoning tests are resolved on the basis of words, sentences, and sounds that are written in some pattern to convey some meaning. On the other hand non-verbal test is completely based on pictures, gestures, symbols, signs that are not uttered still express some meaning.

Verbal Reasoning

Under this broad category, we start with the topic “Blood Relation” that associates with “Family” same as yours. Here for every relationship, we will denote symbols that help to clarify the concept. Lets have a look at the symbols we use to represent the different family relationships:
In general, Males and Females are denoted as Male (M+) and Females (F-).

Husband and Wife Relationship:

Here we symbolize the relation with a double-headed arrow as:
  • A is the husband of B
  • P is male and spouse of Q

Brother and Sister Relationship:

Here we denote this brother-sister relationship with a single-headed arrow as:
  • K is the sister of T
  • P is the brother of Q

Parent and Child Relationship:

Here Parents relationship with children denotes with down headed arrow to represent the hierarchy as:
  • C is the father of D
  • T is the son of K

For All Respective persons like Grandmother and Grandfather:

Down single, the Headed arrow is used to define the relationship of Grands as:
  • S is the father of T, P is the father of S and T is the son.

How to Solve the given problems:

  • A and B are children of C, C is the mother of A but B is not the brother of A, what is B to C?
    1. Son
    2. Daughter
    3. Sister
    4. Brother

    Break the question into different parts
    1. A and B are children of C
    2. C is the mother of A but B is not the brother of A
    3. problem12

    The question is, What is B to C?

    B is female has mother C implies B is the daughter of C.

    Hence B option is correct.,

  • Amit is the brother of the son of kamal’s son. What is the relation between Amit and Kamal?
    1. Amit is the grandson of kamal
    2. Amit is the son of kamal
    3. Amit is the brother of Kamal
    4. Amit has no blood relation with Kamal

    Break the problem
    1. Amit is brother implies Amit+
    2. Son of Kamal’s son
    3. problem21
    4. Combining both the statements

    From the diagram, it clearly is seen that relationships are of Grands. In given options, we have only the first option of Grandson, hence we go for A option “Amit is the grandson of kamal”.

  • A is the father of C but C is not his son. E is the daughter of C. F is the spouse of A. B is the brother of C. D is the son of B.G is the spouse of B. H is the father of G.
  • ques1


Let's Break the problem
  1. A is the father of C but C is not his son
  2. E is the daughter of C.
  3. F is the spouse of A
  4. problem33
  5. B is the brother of C
  6. problem34
  7. D is the son of B
  8. G is the spouse of B
  9. problem36
  10. H is the father of G.

  11. Completing the diagram

    Ques1: Who is the Grandmother of D?

    It clearly indicates that F is the Grandmother of D. Hence option C is correct

    Ques2: Who is the son of F?

    The diagram shows that B is the son of F. Hence A option is correct.


    Maternal aunt/ Maternal uncle is from the side of mother relations
    The paternal aunt/ Paternal uncle is from the side of Father relations.