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16th May 2015 Current Affairs

16th May 2015 Current Affairs

  1. Former President Mohammed Morsi given death sentence:
    Egypt’s Government has given death sentence to Former Islamist President Mohammed Morsi for the incident of lawlessly breaking of jails and attacks on police force in 2011 revolt.

    On 3rd July 2013, he was expelled by government and put behind bars.He was charged under spying the Palestinian Hamas movement, Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah.
  2. M J Joseph appointed as Controller General of Accounts(CGA):
    Government has appointed M J Joseph as new Controller General of Accounts. Working in Ministry of Finance, earlier CGA ‘Jawahar Thakur’ has promoted to OSD (Accounting Reforms) in the same department.

    Beginning with Joseph life, he served Indian Civil Accounts Service as officer in 1979 batch. Joseph has also worked as Public Financial Management Adviser at the IMF’s Regional Technical Assistance centre. In his career he supplied his duties dedicatedly even in Union Government and Union Ministry of Defense.
  3. 24 agreement signed between India and China:
    During PM Modi visit to China, India has signed 24 agreements with China worth 10 billion dollars. Check out these agreements in brief:

    1. Protocols to set up of consulates-general at Chengdu and Chennai and Guanzhou.
    2. MOU concerning ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship of India and China.
    3. Designing program on mutual aid in establishing Mahatma Gandhi National Institute for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in Gujarat.
    4. Cooperation on advisory mechanism in trade negotiations.
    5. Cooperation among the ministry of external affairs of India and international department of the central committee of the Communist Party of China.
    6. Plant an action of co-operation for the development of railway sector both in India and China.
    7. MOU on education exchange programmes
    8. MOU on Space Cooperation
    9. Co-operation in the mining and minerals sector between the ministry of mines of India and the ministry of land and resources of China.
    10. MOU between Doordarshan and China Central Television on cooperation of broadcasting field.
    11. Set rules on health and safety regulations on bring in Indian oil-rich seed repast to inspection, quality supervision and quarantine ministry.
    12. Cooperation in the field of tourism.
    13. Understanding on formation of India- China think tank forum.
    14. Co-operation on India’s Niti Ayog and Development Research Center of China.
    15. MOU between Ministry of Earth science of India and China’s earthquake administration.
    16. MOU between Ministry of Earth science of India and China’s oceanic Administration.
    17. Agreement on cooperation between Geological Survey, ministry of mines of India and China.
    18. Cooperation among the ministry of external affairs of India and China on shaping of states/provincial leaders' forum.
    19. MOU on setting up of strong relations between Hyderabad of India and Qingdao of China.
    20. Understanding on making up strong relations amid Chennai of India and Chongqing of China.
    21. Agreement on shaping up relations between Aurangabad and Dunhuang of China.
    22. Signed agreement involving the establishment of a centre for Gandhian and Indian studies.
    23. MOU on the establishment of good relations between governments of Karnataka and Sichuan of China.
    24. Agreement on the establishment of yoga colleges both in India and China.
  4. Canada Announcement on Green house gas emission:
    Canada is all set up to reduce 515 metric megatons or around 30% of its Green house gas emission by 2030 as compared to 2005 levels.In 2013 greenhouse emitted by Canada was about 726 metric megatons, and in 2005 its emissions reached 731 metric megatons.

    Furthermore, Canada is planting a new framework to formulate new regulatory measures for oil, gas, and chemical industries.
  5. Infosys new campus in China:
    Infosys, a biggest technology colossus is ready to establish its feet in the foreign market. Recently, Infosys is in news for mounting its first center in Zizhu Science and Technology Park Shanghai, China. According to the sources, Infosys invests about $130 million to set up its huge campus in China.

    An Agreement has signed between Infosys and Chinese government at the India-China Business Forum. PM Modi also addressed the forum in Shanghai to praise the step which expand business and establish strong ties between India and China.