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18th May 2015 Current Affairs

18th May 2015 Current Affairs

  1. 7 Agreement signed between India and South Korea:
    From Mongolia, PM Modi reached South Korea during his three-nation tour. PM Narender Modi and South Korean President Park Geun-Hye signed 7 agreements/MOU’s detailed as follows:

    1. An Agreement signed on the matter of Avoiding Double Taxation on the taxpayers belonging to both India and Korea.
    2. MOU on the concern of film industries to cooperate in the Audio-Visual Co-Production of films, animation and broadcasting programs.
    3. Mutual Understanding for National Security Council Secretariat of India and the Office of National Security of Korea to set up better talks.
    4. Agreement in enhancing the development of Electric Power and New Energy Industries between the Power Ministry of two.
    5. Agreement between Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of India and the Department of Gender Equality and Family of Korea to reinforce and promote Youth in all spheres.
    6. MOU between of Roads and Highway Transport of India’s Ministry and the Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Korea’s Ministry to develop the infrastructure to the next level.
    7. Agreement on mutual assistance in the Fields of Maritime Transport and Logistics.
  2. David Granger appointed as new President of Guyana:
    Retired Army officer David Granger appointed as new President of Guyana. In the national elections held in May, his party A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) beaten up the opposition People’s Progressive Party(PPP).

    He is holding the chair of the eighth President of Guyana. About his career, he last served as a brigadier in the Army and about a study he did his Bachelor’s and Masters from the University of Guyana. Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations from West Indies University.
  3. ‘Jahn-Teller-metal’ new state of matter discovered:
    The scientist has discovered ‘Jahn Teller metal’ a new state of matter that acts like a superb superconductor, insulator, metal as well as magnet all in one single box. This discovery came from the study of superconductors made of Carbon 60 molecules.

    A new state of matter founded after changing the space between adjacent C 60 molecules by doping rubidium material into it. Because of the Unknown state, the matter got name Jahn–Teller metal.
  4. Aruna Shanbaug Passed Away:
    Aruna, nurse of Mumbai’s King Edward Hospital passed away today. On 27 November 1973, she at the age of 25 was raped by a hospital cleaner who suffocated her neck with metal chain and throw in the hospital basement to die.

    After severe brain damage and paralyzed, she was in bed for the last 42 years in the same hospital where she was working. Six-day before her death, she was battling pneumonia that becomes the cause of his demise.
  5. After 19 years, India assumes Presidency of the 68th World Health Assembly:
    After a 19 year gap, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda assumes Presidency of the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) at Geneva. From 18th to 27th May 2015, Mr.Nadda was leading the Indian delegation to the WHA.

    The vital subjects of global interest include global health emergency, air pollution and health, anti-microbial resistance, global strategy and plan of action on public health, preparedness and surveillance, innovation and intellectual property, and research and development in neglected tropical diseases.