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Arguments in Analytical Reasoning

In the type of reasoning, one has to decide upon the forcefulness of an argument. one should keep in mind that the argument should note 

Arguments in Analytical Reasoning

  • Argument 
  • Generalized (it should be specific)
  • Ambiguous
  • Hidden as an implication
  • An example or quotation

Also, the argument should be factually correct and in conformity with the prevailing ideas of truth.

Making a decision about the important questions, it is desirable to be able to distinguish between' strong argument and 'weak' arguments so far as they relate to the questions. 'Strong' arguments must be both important and directly related to the questions.' Weak argument may not be directly related to the question and may be of minor importance or may be related to the trivial aspects of the question.

Direction: Each question below is followed by two argument numbers I and II. You have to decide which of the following is a 'strong' and 'weak'. Results would be in

  1. If the only argument I is strong
  2. If only argument II is strong
  3. If either I or II is strong
  4. If neither I nor II is strong
  5. if both I and II are strong


Let's solve the Problems Based on Arguments

Question1: Should the parent in India in future be forced to opt for only one child as against two or many at present?


  1. Yes, this is the only way to check the ever-increasing population of India
  2. No, this type of pressure tactic is not adopted by other countries in the world.

  1. No, this is not the only a way to check on increasing population
  2. Yes other countries like China have adopted this strategy, so this statement is also wrong 
 So, Answer (4)  Neither I nor II is strong

Question2: Should all the slums in big cities to demolished and the people living in such slums should be relocated outside the city limits?


  1. No, all these people will lose their home and livelihood and hence they should not be relocated.
  2.  Yes, the big cities need more and more spaces to carry out development activities and hence these slums should be removed.


  1.  It's true as once they will be relocated, won't get a livelihood.
  2. It's true as big cities need more spaces for development activities 
 So, Answer (5)  Both I and II are strong

Question3: Should there be uniforms in schools and colleges in India?


  1.  Yes, this will improve the ambiance of the colleges as all the students will be decently dressed.
  2. No, college students should be regimented and they should be left to choose their clothes for coming to college.

  1. This statement is true as ambiance actually improves 
  2. This statement is also true as the college-going should have a right to wear clothes 
So, Answer (5)  Both I and II are strong

Question4: Should there be a complete ban on mining coal in India?


  1. Yes, the present stock of coal will not last long if we continue mining at present.
  2. No, we don't have alternate energy sources of sufficient quantity. 

  1.  Mining doesn't vanish stock of coal, so this statement is wrong
  2.  This statement is true as we don't sufficient alternate energy sources.
So, Answer(2) Only argument II is strong

Question5: Should all correspondence courses at graduate level be stopped?


  1. No, correspondence courses help needy students to pursue studies and earn at the same time.
  2. Yes, quality education is not a nuclear power to be used to generate electricity?


  1.  This statement is true as it actually helps needy students
  2.  This statement is also true as quality education is not the only thing that helps to grow.

So, Answer (5)  Both I and II are strong


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